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Pay My Bill


Gallia Rural Water will be updating the billing system to better serve our customers, so the online payment portal (InvoiceCloud) and the automated number will be down for the conversion from May 20th-May 30th. This means no customer will be able to pay their water bill by internet or by the automated phone system during that time. We ask our customers to patient with us during this transition. 

Click the link below:


  1. Register Now
  2. Type in your water account number & last name on account
  3. Select your account & click Register Selected Invoices
  4. Now you will create your username and password


If you have more than one account you wish to register/pay; you will follow the directions above to register each account . You must use the same email/password to link them together.

Invoice Cloud has a Credit Card limit of $150.00 per transaction in order to keep the convenience charge  at a minimum